$629.97 USD


Four classes created to help you make meaningful change in the way you run your aesthetic or wellness business

The happiest hour is the one where you become the empowered & impactful leader you were meant to be. With these masterclasses as your guide, your transformation is imminent.

From hiring strategies and culture creation to brand direction and scaling up, each class in this bundle was developed for you to gain clarity in essential business principles and drastically improve your day-to-day experience as a business owner.

Look no further than our Happy Hour Masterclass Bundle, where in just a few hours, you’ll:

→ identify a clear and impactful direction for your business
→ learn how to grow an enthusiastic and effective team
→ define and carry out a mission bigger than yourself
→ and develop a signature methodology that sets you apart

 Are you ready to make room for freedom and autonomy in your business?